Frequently Asked Questions
Can I complete the install myself?

Yes, however for best results, we always recommend a professional installer

What tools will I need?

• The included allen wrench
• The included wiring harnesses
• A measuring tape 

How long will install take?

Install times vary for different vehicles but on average 10-15 minutes

When are my cameras recording?

The Fleet Flix AI+ Pro is recording anytime the vehicle is in motion. Video Events will be triggered when rules are broken during a trip

Do I have to record my drivers?

No, you can disable the driver camera

What is the tech available?


Where will I view my cameras?

The Fleet Flix AI+ Pro can be added and viewed directly with Geotab

How do I enable my camera features?

Your FleetFlix Support team will provide you with a complimentary camera training session that will cover rule set up and reporting. Call 678-759-2544 anytime to schedule your training

Where will my cameras footage be stored?

On the cloud for up to 90 days.
SD card of up to 512GB

What are the certifications?

Certified on TMO, AT&T, and Verizon

What are the Benefits of FleetFlix Technology?

 The FleetFlix AI+ Pro dashcam is packed with the latest advancements in technology, offering fleets of all sizes a powerful device to enhance driver and fleet safety, and reduce safety-related costs

What do the lights mean?

• Camera start/bootup - all 3 lights (red, orange, green)
• Firmware update - all 3 lights flash (red, orange, and green)
• stand by - solid red
• camera online and recording - solid green
• camera online and not recording - red and orange
• live stream - flashing green
• offline - no lights